Eyelash extensions One by One

Our individual private training is designed in such a way that after 1 intensive day you have everything you need to professionally apply One by One eyelash extensions.

You can choose from classic or volume eyelash extenions training. You must bring your own model.

The costs are € 295 excluding VAT. The professional kit is included in the price. The materials in this kit are used during training so you get used to the products. This kit is good for about 40 customers.

When you have successfully completed the training you will receive the BeautiBal academy certificate. If it turns out that more training is necessary, you will come back at a different time for the finishing touch and this is completely free of charge.

Content of training

  • Theory
  • Hygiene and health
  • Consultation advice
  • Choosing the right extenions
  • Application of eyelashes
  • Creating different looks
  • Maintenance of lashes
  • Refilling of lash extensions
  • Extension removal
  • Aftercare

Register for this training?

Make the deposit (20% of the total price) in the webshop and we will contact you to discuss your wishes and agree on the date!
More information? Contact us via the contact form.